Hawaii's Agu Ramen to Open Outlets in Downtown Austin

A recent article published by the Pacific Business News reports that Hawaii-based restaurant chain Agu Ramen is set to open outlets in Texas’ largest metropolitan areas, particularly in the cities of Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Owner and Head Chef Hisashi Uehara is looking forward to the expansion of his Japanese restaurant chain in an area he believes is “an untouched market”, with existent competitors serving ramens meals that are "not at par" with Agu Ramen’s authentically prepared ramen dishes.

The first two to three outlets will be opened in Houston this year, with investment costs of each outlet amounting to $500,000. Upon opening its outlets in Austin, the Hawaii-based chain will compete with established ramen restaurants in the area such as Ramen Tatsu-Ya, Michi Ramen, and Daruma Ramen.

This comes as good news for residents living in and around downtown Austin—a thriving city whose urban districts are becoming a top-pick among career-driven millennials, tech tycoons, and investor-businessment alike—as new attractions keep popping up in downtown’s streets to cater to quick-evolving and sophisticated palates.

To read more about this wonderful downtown Austin news, you can click here to access the article reposted at the Austin Business Journal. You can also check back to our blog for more downtown Austin updates.

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