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What's Different About Condos?

You can jump right to a lot of details about all of the differences between condominiums and single family detached homes at our Condos 101 section of the website. However, let’s talk a little about the major points here.

Ownership – Basically, with a condo, you own and are responsible for the “airspace” and the interior walls and space. The association owns and maintains the exterior. You also may own a stated portion of “common areas” like clubhouses, gardens and pools.

Infrastructure – Things like utilities are still paid for individually, but generally water, sewer, trash and common area maintenance are paid for by the association through homeowner dues.

Insurance – Insurance is less expensive, as the association insures the exterior and common areas, while individual condo owners insure the interior and their possessions.

Property Decisions – Decisions about the exterior, common areas, and even some about what you can do inside your unit are made by the association and rules can be strict.

There are a great many people who love the condo lifestyle, especially if doing yard work and exterior maintenance isn’t their thing.

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