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Condominium Seller Checklist

Selling a condominium in the Austin real estate market involves a series of steps, each very important to ultimate success. Working as a team with our condominium sellers, we want to make it an organized and successful process, and this condominium sales checklist is a part of the process.

1. Property Evaluation – We aren’t doing our job properly unless we honestly advise you in how your property sits in the current competitive marketplace. This involves pointing out problems as well as the good points. However, we don’t just criticize, but instead suggest solutions and ways to improve the marketability of your condominium. The first checklist step then is to meet with you and give you a thorough evaluation with our suggestions.

2. Corrective Action Help – Then we provide resources, contractors, repair people, or others who can help you to implement the corrections we suggest. The individuals and companies we suggest are professional and you can rely on their work. So, this step is about taking action for improvement.

3. Documents – We will help you gather and scan a number of documents that buyers want to see early in their shopping process. We’ll then be able to provide these documents to potential buyers anywhere in the world via computer download.

4. Photos – The marketing of your condominium for a fast and profitable sale requires that we provide potential buyers with a great deal of information and a large number of very high resolution and high quality photos. The Internet has made it a requirement by buyers that they be able to see everything short of a personal visit on their computer screens. Doing this right will get them to a showing, and showings get them to contracts. We’ll be asking you to prepare your home for our photo and virtual tour session to assure the best results.

5. Maintain the Look – We know it’s inconvenient, but showings come when the buyers want them, and we’ll try to give you notice, but you’ll need to keep your unit show–ready as much as possible. We’ll give you guidance in the most important things to do in this regard.

6. No–show for Showings – It is our strong recommendation that you not be present for showings. Buyers don’t feel that they can ask their agent questions or express their opinions openly when the sellers are present. Take a drive, go out to eat, or anything that will get you out of the house for a while.

7. Keep it Business – Neither you nor we can know the motivations or background of potential buyers. Some may not think they’ve done the best they can unless they make a low first offer. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t a valid buyer, just that they like to start low. It’s your home, but our job is to help you keep it on a business level and a counter offer is almost always a better approach than giving them their walking papers.

8. Let us Help – It’s our job to help you to navigate the process through to a successful closing and walking away with a check. We’re with you every step of the way, so please feel free to call on us at any time for answers or help.

Cain Realty Group wants to be your condominium sales brokerage in the Austin real estate market.