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Where is the condo and condo market information for this Condo Market Snapshot collected from?

The Greater Austin condo information comes from the local Multiple Listings Service (MLS) database, your area's primary source of condo listing, condo transaction, and condo market data. The complete MLS database is only accessible to real estate professionals. 

Unlike other sources (like Public Records, which only provide data on Sold Homes), the MLS provides detailed information on Austin TX condos that have sold, condos currently for sale, condos under contract but not yet closed (pending condo sales), and condos that didn't sell (canceled or expired condo listings). Additionally, the MLS offers an analysis of various market trends for condos. So you can be sure that the condo and condo market information we provide to you is the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date available.  

How does this Greater Austin Condo Market Snapshot compare to other condo evaluation services?

Other services may provide a generalized, estimated market evaluation of an average condo that has the same basic characteristics as your condo. However, such an estimate is only one of many pieces of information you'll need to make the most informed decisions you can when selling your condo. Real-Time Condo Market Snapshots also include graphical analysis of important market trends that will place your condo evaluation into perspective. These Condo Snapshots give you:

  • Real-time data on condos similar to yours in your area that have recently sold or are currently for sale
  • How long specific condos were on the market before they sold, as well as time-on-the-market averages for your area
  • Volume comparisons of recent condo sales, new condo listings, and total condo listings
  • Percentages comparison of asking price to selling price for recent sales of condos
  • Average, median and high/low prices for condos that have recently sold or are currently for sale

Want one of our experienced Condo Listing Agents to put together a custom market analysis for your condo?

If you are wanting a market analysis that's specific to your condo's specific features, one of our experienced Condo Listing Agents are happy to assist.  Simply fill out the form below to being the process of receiving a no-obligation customized market analysis for your condo.

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